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Recent additions:

--->For 2019 we're adding more sugilite cabochons to our page featuring sugilite beads. Included are some Russian charoite and cabs containing richterite and bustamite.

--->Many Lake Superior agates including cut and polished agates and cabochons are now on sale. Agates from other North American locations are included on this page.

--->More citrine and amethyst faceted gemstones have just been added. See the other gemstone links in the left menu for more new stones.

--->We continue to add to our collection of over 500 strands of gemstone beads at our new website, T and T Gems. Look for more additions to this growing collection in 2017. More photographs of different varieties of precious and semi precious gemstone beads can be seen here than anywhere else I have found on the web.

--->Prices are reduced on our rhodochrosite cabochons. These high quality semiprecious stones show lots of gel. We have freeform and oval cabochons from Peru and Argentina.

--->We have added new rutilated quartz cabochons to our page of these popular semi precious stones. More cabs will be added in the next couple of weeks, so bookmark this page and come back to see some attractive new varieties.

--->Our new estate jewelry collection is finally photographed and on display at our estate jewelry page. You will find some beautiful and unique items here from years gone by that you won't see anywhere else. Czech glass, Boucher, Monet, Duplaise, Whiting Davis, German and Austrian items can be found here.

--->Several new gemstone carvings from peruvian opal and other varieties of semi precious are now on display at T and T Gems.

--->Also new on this site are strands of sugilite beads. The colors range from light lavender to dark royal purple with high manganese content. Whether you are buying or not, you will want to take a look if you like sugilite.

--->Chalcedony freeform cabochons. These beautiful blue stones have opaline areas that change color like clouds.

--->Gemstone beads. We've added fifty strands of many different gemstones. Ametrine, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, smoky topaz, carnelian, tourmaline, moonstone, crystal quartz, rainbow moonstone, green adventurine, amethyst, fluorite, rainbow fluorite, labradorite, sunstone, tiger eye, tibetan agate, botswana agate...Much more.

--->Flower carving from rose quartz.New index page for our many gemstone carvings and some new quartz crystal carvings. These carvings of turtles, frogs and more are true gemstones and any would make a gift of lasting value for any occasion. Through December and continuing into January we've been adding strands of many different varieties of gemstone beads. Our sugilite page always has new additions as these beads have been very popular.

For November we added some very interesting North American agates (including Lake Superior agates) and several pieces of ocean jasper and picture jasper. Other recent additions include some hand made sugilite beads and some spectacular rutilated quartz. Watch for more gem stone beads and pendants in the weeks to come.

We introduced facetted amethyst and some freeform facetted and carved tourmaline earlier this year. We'll be adding more gem quality tourmaline in the months to come.

Before that we added several opal carvings and cabochons to our opal page and some striking labradorite carvings. The gem crystal labradorite shows labradorescence which is sometimes called schiller. This makes the inside of the stone appear blue from certain light angles.

Carvings from labradorite. This brings us to our gem quality amethyst and aquamarine carvings. And don't miss my Chalcedony Lizard or the other gemstone carvings. The rest of our collection of semi precious stones include a good selection of chrysocolla cabochons, carved and facetted fluorite and some very nice facetted citrine. Our collection also includes other Mintabie opal, Coober Pedy opal, Honey opal and Australian boulder opal. We will be adding a variety of other precious and semiprecious stones and some very interesting gemstone beads in the near future. The Lake Superior agates have been gathered through the years in my home state of Minnesota. The supply of small lakers that we had on the site has been sold but there will be more coming in the future on our agate pages.

The jewelry is mostly used, in excellent condition and is one of a kind. Most of my jewelry is silver and gold, with and without gems.

The photographs are unretouched and represent in detail the items I am selling.

For best views of gemstone and jewelry displays, press F11 on your keyboard for fullscreen.

And don't miss the flash movies of the landscape around Sedona, Arizona that I've included on some of the chrysocolla pages.

New strands of high quality sugilite beads.

Chalcedony freeform cabochons..

We have recently added forty unique strands of colorful gemstone beads!!!

Turquoise animal carvings

Many of the gemstones and carvings on our site retail in the $10 per carat range upwards and many of these are being offered for $4 or $5 a carat and even lower. I urge you to take advantage of these incredibly low prices I'm offering during our opening.

If you are a jewelry maker, beadworker or otherwise need gemstones of a different cut and size from those seen here, email us and we'll see if we have what you need from our collection of stones not pictured on this site.


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