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We will link to qualifying sites related to gemstones and jewelry from one of our links pages which are limited to 20 links. We request in return a link from your links page with less than 50 outbound links. The site should be indexed by Google (have page rank on the index page at least.) If you would like to exchange links with us please do the following:

The link below is to our other website, T and T Gems. We will return a link to the site below with a link from Tammy's Jewelry and Gem Box.


Title: Gemstone beads

Description: Over 500 different gemstone bead strands plus single gemstone beads and sets

Optional logos (three sizes): 140 x 60 pixels 210 x 90 pixels 280 x 120 pixels

2)Email us with the page address where your link to us appears and send us the linking information to your site. Email:


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